Window Marking Films

Window marking films - print, decorative & embossed

Digital Print solution – includes printing onto a range of window films, namely, contra vision (one way view), clear & frosted/sandblast effect films. Product offerings vary, depending on the degree of visibility or privacy required. LED backlit options also available to create day/night lighting effects.

Decorative & Embossed films – available in a range of designs, available to view on request (best viewed from the catalogues). Suited to high end finished Interior & Architectural design spaces.

Stained Glass Effect films – customized designs to suit your window size & shape.

Window Marking Film Benefits:

  • creates privacy for boardrooms and individual work areas.
  • continuous flow of creatives or inspirational messages over long window sections, located internally, to create harmonized productive workspaces.
  • continuous flow of advertising over large format window display areas, located externally, to impact on and attract potential clients passing by.
  • intelligent & creative artwork, include existing structural finishing’s surrounding the windows, thereby enhancing the overall design to maximum effect.
  • retail display windows, by using a combination of window marking films to create an effective display. Combine that with all the other elements like 3D objects, platforms at various heights, suspended objects at various depths & programmed led lighting, it’s simply a winning advertising formula.
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