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Announcing - DNA Services Training & Consulting Installer Certifications

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DNAST&C Installer Certification is now available:

Module A – Introduction to Vinyl’s and Beginner Installation Techniques
Module B – Wallpaper Installation – Preparation, Hanging and Trimming
Module C – Window Film Fitments – Installation and Finishing
Module D – Vehicle Wrapping

(a) purchase the manuals on its own as a read only item, prices & details all indicated in DETAILS under each manual, or,
(b) the full details and prices for each practical training module, details also all in DETAILS under each module.

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• Informative Manuals (Bronze Certification)- now available in a read only “flipbook” format, can be purchased directly on –
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• Practical Training Modules (Silver, Gold & Platinum Certifications) – onsite training dates to be arranged and agreed upon –

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