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The secret to great advertising is by making a great first impression.

Digital Print options include (not limited too) not only vinyl prints, but also PVC prints that can be tensioned into an aluminum frame to hide damaged truck or trailer body surfaces, hence no body REPAIRS required.

Visual Impact: Clever creative wraps on trailers will make your company name stand out for everyone to see. Most people will not pay much attention to plain boring visuals, but a well-designed wrap will not go unnoticed.

Geographical Reach & Target Market: Depending on the scheduled routes, branded trailers reach a specific target market and grow your business. Also used @ outdoor events and exhibitions.

Affordable & Cost Effective: Unlike other advertising mediums that have recurring costs, trailer branding costs are way more affordable. With a once off outlay, you reap the benefits for many months/years, depending on the quality of the products earmarked for your specific requirements.

Functionality: Protects the truck body surface from excessive UV exposure, lights scratches and scuffs. Once the advertising campaign has reached its end, the vinyl films are easily removed without leaving any damage, or, adhesive residue on the truck bodies. Ready for the next campaign.

News & Blog
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